Swap services

Many of our customers operate in fast paced environments and in sectors where unit down-time has an immediate impact on customer service. When business is affected by a system failure the only thing that matters is getting it up and running again as soon as possible!

Our POS, system and printer swap out service despatches a replacement unit next day, whatever the problem, significantly reducing the impact of any failure. 

The principle is simple: 


  • Upon notification of a unit failure we immediately despatch a like-for-like replacement in a swap-it crate
  • Upon delivery by a technical courier, the recipient simply swaps the faulty unit for the replacement and it is then returned direct to us for repair 
  • Once fixed, the unit is held as part of the customer's stock and returned to use when the next replacement is needed, saving significant time and money 



To arrange a swap unit agreement, please give us a call on +44 (0)1732 781 400 or email your enquiry to sales@unicomp.co.uk;