Directors & Management Team

Mike Burgon / Chairman (Founder)

Mike has overseen the firm's evolution and growth into one of the UK's
principal dedicated POS service and warranty businesses. During this
time he was responsible for successfully establishing Unicomp’s
technical service & repair centre.


Key Business Responsibilities:

  • Board director & the firm’s non-executive chairman
  • Working as a mentor to the board and management team regarding the firm’s strategic direction


Mike possesses a vast plethora of engineering experience drawn from a career which before founding Unicomp had him working for internationally recognised companies including; Marconi, Plessey, AWA Australia and Motorola.


Outside of work? Mike particularly enjoys travelling the world, and nothing more than doing so in his own boat!


Tina Burgon / Managing Director

Tina’s career with Unicomp began in 1990. Since then she has established a reputation for herself as a well-respected figure within the POS warranty service & distribution industry.


Tina’s dedication coupled with her extensive market knowledge has enabled her to work closely alongside some of the industries key figure heads, and in the process provide an instrumental contribution in developing and maintaining Unicomp’s business relationships and corporate reputation.




Key Business Responsibilities:


  • Overseeing the strategic growth of the company with a particular focus on developing new business and supporting key accounts and partners
  • Heading up Unicomp’s board of directors
  • Working closely with Unicomp’s management team to ensure all aspects of the business operate smoothly, and that Unicomp continue to maintain an efficient level of service to their customers & manufacturers which they represent.


Having studied Economics at Southampton University, Tina completed an MBA at the Open University in 2003. 


Outside of work? Tina is busy with her young family and enjoys travelling and participating in netball tournaments.


Kim Burgon / Operations Director


As operations director Kim has overall responsibility for directing our IT, HR and compliance functions and ensuring quality control across the operational backbone of the business.


Kim has been with the company since 2004, in that time working across many of the key core areas of the business including repair, despatch, sales and customer services departments.






Key Business Responsibilities:


  • Managing the introduction of new products and services into the business
  • Overseeing projects of improvement in both our POS & ATM divisions
  • Liaising and working alongside our partners to ensure that we maximise performance in terms of service delivery to their customers
  • Overseeing management of stock control & service delivery


Possessing a comprehensive understanding of IT and operations, Kim was instrumental in working alongside an external developer to create a bespoke software system that underpins the firm’s excellent logistics systems.


Kim holds a Masters in Occupational Psychology from the University of Surrey.


Outside of work? Kim has a strong passion for fitness & sport, she recently completed a tour along the West coast of USA on a bicycle! 


Laura Wood / Operations Manager


Laura is our Operations Manager who has overall responsibility for operations including Logistics, Facilities Management, Quality Control and Health and Safety.


Unicomp prides itself on having robust quality control & compliance procedures, Laura is crucial to ensuring that quality is maintained and Unicomp's customers receive the optimum service expected.






Key Business Responsibilities:


  • Ensure smooth running of key business procedures
  • Management of quality control and compliance, particularly ISO 9001
  • Management of customer compliance 


Laura has been working at the company since 2007 and has spent time in a number of departments. Before Unicomp, Laura worked as a Vendor Account Manager in the food packaging & print industry. 


Outside of work? Laura is a keen hoop-shooter on the netball court!



Angela Clark / Customer Services Manager


Leading a focused and dynamic team, Angela is Unicomp’s Customer Services Manager, responsible for making sure that customer needs and expectations are fully satisfied.


Angela has held her position for 5 years, in that time she has built a team that prides itself on doing its best for Unicomp’s customers while ensuring the company's professional, business relationships are maintained and strengthened.





Key Business Responsibilities:


  • Angela and her team handle a large volume of incoming enquiries including sales orders and requests for quotations for our services.
  • Ensuring the level of service Unicomp provides remains at optimum levels
  • Ensuring all enquiries are handled quickly and efficiently
  • Contributing to Unicomp’s Continuous Improvement Program


Prior to Angela’s position at Unicomp, she was employed in Technical Support for a Diagnostics company which involved organising Field Engineers and writing technical tenders.


Angela studied First Line Management with the Institute of Leadership and Management


Outside of work? Angela is the extremely proud owner of her pet dog Molly, who conveniently shares Angelas' fondness for country walks!


Darren Greenway / IT & Systems Manager

Darren heads up Unicomp's Information Technology and Management Information Systems.


Darren & Unicomp have developed a very sophisticated and efficient management information system, which enables the company to maximise efficiency and customer service. Our SMART system enables efficient management and tracking of customer orders and information.






Key Business Responsibilities:


  • Supporting Unicomp’s systems & central management databases
  • Providing real time access information to Unicomp’s customers
  • Frequent input with regards to Unicomp’s overall development
  • Supporting Unicomp’s ATM & purchasing departments

Outside of work? Darren enjoys a trip to the cinema, if he hasn’t gone to catch a movie he can be found recording strikes in the bowling alley!



Kris Harris / Purchasing & Parts Control Manager

 Kris has been with Unicomp for 8 years, gaining first-hand experience and knowledge in a wealth of Unicomp’s core business areas.


Having worked previously as a repair technician & also within the customer services & accounts departments, Kris has acquired a thorough understanding of the products and industry which enables him to effectively manage Unicomp’s purchasing and parts control functions, develop bespoke customer projects & support Unicomp’s sales team.





Key Business Responsibilities:


  • Working with Unicomp’s suppliers & partners with stock purchasing
  • Business development
  • Because Unicomp run an integrated supply chain, Kris works alongside the sales team to expedite stock on a timely and efficient basis


Outside of work? Kris takes a keen interest in the Sciences, including the science of Real Ale!