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Whatever your Service needs, our Workshop department is committed to meeting customer satisfaction through quality repair, excellent customer service and well-design procedures.

Epson Printer Service Centre | Workshop | Unicomp





At Unicomp we are committed to investing time and resources to our Workshop Department and Servicing Facilities. We have a dedicated team of over 15 fully trained technicians, with a collective service of around 100 years with the company. There is a services support team of up to 5 people as well as 3 specialist administrators.


We offer our partners a varied range of specialised technical experience including electro-mechanical, PC based and networking skills. We have a specialised robust ongoing training programme that maintains expertise and flexibility by consistent emphasis on cross training between products. All our technicians are kept up to date with both manufacturer & internal training courses. Due to this consistent spread of skills we can mould our resources to provide a responsive service to you.


Working regularly with over 200 different products in multiple categories of PC, Printers & peripherals our workshop team is lead by our Operations Director. The department is managed by a Workshop Supervisor who is supported by 2 further team leaders. We maximise our flexibility by separating high volume work and incidents with lower run rates. An organised approach to planning allows us to deliver on turn around times we have agreed with our customers.


We have proven our ability to scale up our operation delivering on projects or new business opportunities by increasing the number of technicians and utilising or reorganising space spread over 4 business units.



Honesty and credibility sit at the heart of our business. We offer transparency and integrity to all our business partners


High quality

It’s our promise to consistently deliver the highest level of service, and strive to exceed customer expectations


Service is an opportunity to build robust relationships and partnerships that you can rely on


With over 30 years’ experience at the forefront of our industry, we offer to share with you our technical expertise


We are always ready to adapt our services to your needs responding promptly to your requests



We are knowledgeable and approachable and strive to deliver a hassle-free customer experience